European Diploma in Neurointervention (EDNI) 2024 Part II

Information to applicants

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the oral examination for the European Diploma in Neurointervention (EDNI) 2024.

Only candidates who have passed the written part are eligible to take the oral.

Date: Monday 2nd September 2024 – your exact timeslot will be communicated to you in due course.

Exam modality: The exam will take place online via Zoom. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to connect via Zoom at the appropriate time and to ensure you have a working camera on your device and also to be able to share your screen.

Format of the exam: The exam lasts approximately 45 minutes in total. The first 25 minutes of the oral exam consists of questions. You will be asked to discuss at least 2-3 of the 5 themes included in the curriculum: tumor, aneurysms, stroke, vascular malformations and neurovascular anatomy. Pediatrics could be included in these themes where appropriate. The focus will be on (1) basic knowledge and (2) understanding and ability to discuss.

The second 20 minutes will comprise two cases.You will have to prepare one case representing one of the main four themes (tumor, aneurysms, stroke or vascular malformations) and present it to the examiners via a shared screen in Zoom. It should be aPowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides (10 slides maximum.) The examiners will then have one case prepared, also shared in Zoom and representing one of the themes, and you will be asked questions around this case.

The focus will be on understanding the pathology, discussing treatment options, etc – basically, how you would approach such a case yourself and the reasoning behind your suggestions. You should know about risks and benefits with different approaches. You don ́t need to agree with the examiners in all details but should be able to defend your view in a structured and “academic” way.

Registration fee: €350

Eligibility to take the exam: To be eligible to sit the oral part of the EDNI examination, you must have been eligible for and passed the written part of the EDNI.

Refund policy: This registration can be cancelled up until two weeks before the event with a 100% refund in the shape of a credit voucher to be used to take a future ESMINT examination.

Cancellations made after that point will not receive any refund.

Results: The oral part is not be graded, that is to say, you either pass or fail. You will be informed about the results of the oral within a day or two.

Diploma award ceremony: Successful candidates will be presented with their Diplomas in a dedicated cermony during the ESMINT Congress in Marseille – currently scheduled for 17.35 on Thursday 5th September, 2024. (Please note that the exact time is subject to change.)


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